Third edition of MNML Abstractions mix series, exploring the consequences of scientific innovations, one purpose of science fiction, making it a “literature of ideas”. Science fiction has been used by authors as a device to discuss philosophical ideas such as identity, desire, morality, and social structure.


Synth Sense – Corrosion
Consequence – Fog
Theme – Theme 2
They Live – Cancel Standard
Felix K – Flower Of Destruction #2
Instra:Mental – Detuned
Consequence – Dreadtone
Felix K – Flower Of Destruction #4
ASC – Biscayne
Kid Drama – Kill Time
Mode – The Abyss (Sam KDC’s Acid Dub Re-Think)
Despot – Nowhere
Paranoid Society – Microl 9000
Reza – Dew Drops
Data & K2 – Kyushojutsu VIP
Lyterian – Chambers Of Apogee
Nether – Oracle
Central Industrial – Integration


Architecture Recordings

Ink brings some free motion to the Architecture Recordings Fans. As always, Enjoy!

Renegade Hardware

MPFree for your enjoyment, Resound VIP of CrazeDminor taken from Ink’s ‘Last Scroll’ LP on Renegade Hardware



Dope deep house mix from young Russian electronic producer and dj, Bulb. Lazy sunday vibe.

Zero T

Ahead of his appearance at Dispatch Recordings’ standalone event at Brixton’s Plan B on the 22nd of Aug alongside Artificial Intelligence and Steo, Zero-T has prepared a wicked retrospective mix! Containing unreleased tracks and classics from his back-catalogue, it’s the perfect warm-up to the event. Enjoy!


1.Calibre + Zero T – Waterfall [Signature] (Unreleased Mix)
2.Zero T ft Steo – Refusal [Integral] (Unreleased VIP Mix)
3.Zero T + Beta 2 – Round Table [Advanced]
4.Calibre, Zero T + Beta 2 – Riverside [Industry]
5.Zero T + Mosus ft Steo – Call Waiting [Liquid V]
6.Zero T + Beta 2 – Secada [Advanced] (Unreleased Commix Remix]
7.Zero T ft Steo – Original R [CIA]
8.Zero T + Survival ft Steo – No More [Dispatch]
9.Rockwell + Zero T – Bone Structure [Critical]
10.Kolektiv – Dogpad Zero T Remix [Scientia] (Unreleased VIP)
11.Dillinja – Sky [V] (Zero T Remix)
12.Beta 2 + Zero T – Election [Metalheadz Platinum] (Forthcoming)
13.Zero T ft Stamina – Rainha [Dispatch] (Unrelesed Dub Mix)
14.All Thieves – Stars (Footprints) [Zero T Remix]
15.Zero T – Damascus (31)
16.Zero T – Speak Low [Liquid V]
17.Alix Perez + Zero T – Suffer In Silence [Shogun] (Unreleased Mix)


Metalheadz Podcast 47 – Blocks & Escher

Following on from their debut single on Headz, Blocks and Escher take the reins for the latest Metalheadz podcast.


Buy Blocks & Escher – Moods /Razor (Metalheadz 016) at


TDS Mix 038 is bought to us by London based DJ and producer Parris.

Fast rising on the electronic underground circuit right now is Parris. Finding affiliation with Keysound’s brewing new breed of artists and running things at his own imprint Soundman Chronicles, Parris is currently emerging amongst a very healthy scene. Of late, activity has seen the artist pair up with fellow Keysound renegade Wen on the impeccable release that was “Caught/Collide”.


01. Ishan Sound – Clash Of The Titans (Kahn Remix) [Peng Sound]
02. Mumdance and Logos – Border Drone [Dub]
03. Hodge – Amor Fati [Livity Sound]
04. Pearson Sound – Lolita [Hessle Audio]
05. Wen – Finesse [Dub]
06. Beneath – Thai [Dub]
07. Wen and Parris – Blessing [Dub]
08. ??? – ??? [Dub]
09. Beneath – Duty [Tectonic]
10. Wen – Backdraft [Dub]
11. Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Kowton Dub Mix) [Punch Drunk]
12. Pearson Sound – Power Drumssss [Hessle Audio]